Intangible Cultural Heritage

Quan Ho Bac Ninh

Quan họ songs express the spirit, philosophy and local identity of the communities in this region, and help forge social bonds within and between...
Hat Xoan

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has asked the Prime Minister for permission to prepare a file to be submitted to UNESCO to...

VIetnam Discovery

Many of Hanoi’s signature dishes, such as bun dau mam tom (fermented shrimp paste with fried tofu and rice vermicelli) or oc nau chuoi dau (snail soup with green banana, fried tofu and perilla leaves), have tofu as the main ingredient.

Ta Xua commune in Bac Yen district of Son La northern mountainous province has been known nationwide not only for its location of nearly 2,000 metres above the sea level, but also for its over-100- year-old Shan tuyet tea which has a specially delicious taste.

Tet is all about starting out the new year correctly. That means cleaning and decorating your house, paying off your debts, paying respects to your family and friends and most importantly — eating well. In Vietnamese, you can say "an Tet" to literally denote eating Tet.

Tet is the most important celebration of Vietnamese culture. Through the foods meticulously prepared that brings families together in gastronomic enjoyment – the Tet is always mindful of the connection between humans and their natural and spiritual world. What’s eaten in Tet differs from region to region in Vietnam because of differences in weather (thus limiting the ingredients on hand) and taste preferences.

Although Bui Vien pedestrian-only street in the backpacker’s area in District 1, HCMC has yet to be officially opened, thousands of local youths and foreign tourists still rushed to the area on two weekend nights to enjoy dining and entertainment services and witness the animated atmosphere of the street.